Eurocontrol Hackathon / 4-6 november 2016

The event

The first EUROCONTROL Hackathon was a great success! We welcomed 32 young and talented students from across Europe for an exhilarating three days of coding at EUROCONTROL's training Institute of Air Navigation Services (IANS) in Luxembourg. The goal was to make use of their out-of-the-box thinking to help create the world’s most innovative and efficient codec for ASTERIX (the All-purpose structured EUROCONTROL surveillance information exchange).

The winners

After assessing performance and compliance with the requirements, the jury declared that the 2016 Hackathon Winner was team BlueCloud from Italy, whose creative approach to the challenge and very comprehensive product were recognised.

Each of the team members will receive €1,000 and the exciting opportunity to do an internship at EUROCONTROL's Brussels Headquarters.

"Thank you to everyone! We have met nice people in a nice place, working among nice competitors. All of this allowed us to do our best. As software engineers, we switch focus very often. The knowledge that each one of us has, and the experience you all brought to this competition, has greatly helped us to do our best."

social feeds from the event

Why a Hackathon?

At EUROCONTROL, we have frequently been pioneers in developing innovative technology for air traffic management. In keeping with this tradition, we are keen to engage with young, talented people - not only in inviting them to compete in the Hackathon but also to work with them afterwards.

This Hackathon was all about develop a proposal for an ASTERIX codec for use in ARTAS units. What is ASTERIX? Watch our video!